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PhD student (psychologist) (f/m/x)

Code: 1091/2022/6

Your tasks

In the framework of a large network grant, iBehave, funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, we are looking for one talented PhD student (m/f/x) in the areas of  behavioral neuroscience. The network is located at six partner institutions: the University of Bonn ( ), the University of Cologne ( ), the University of Aachen ( ), the Max-Planck-Institute of Neurobiology of Behavior – Caesar ( ), the German Center of Neurodegenerative Diseases – DZNE ( , and the Research Center Juelich ( .

The successful applicants will carry out his/her thesis project at the DZNE Bonn.


The ideal candidate has a background in (neuro)psychology with an  interest in computer science. Experience with patient studies, statistics and neuropsychological testing/test development is considered a plus. A good command of the English language is a must.

Humans and all animals live in ever-changing environments. The ability to flexibly adapt behavior to changed requirements is therefore critical for all organisms to thrive and survive. Consequently, all species have evolved the general capability to make sensory-guided decisions that weigh benefits against cost, based on expectations from previous experience. Such decisions and their implementation through adaptive motor control continuously permeate every aspect of life, yet the underlying processes in the brain are insufficiently understood. Moreover, the neural networks for adaptive behavior are targets of common neurological diseases. iBehave brings together a world-class group of scientists who will work across disciplines and species to study behaviors relevant for survival, and their underlying neuronal networks.

The open PhD project aims to implement fine-scale tracking of behaviour and to use this approach for AI-based multimodal deep phenotyping. Together with the expertise of neuropsychologists (Prof. Michael Wagner, DZNE) and computer scientists (Prof. Stephan Jonas, UKB), we aim to develop digital tools to quantitatively assess behaviour symptoms in patients with Frontotemporal Dementa.

iBehave PhD students will benefit from being integrated in local graduate programs, soft skill trainings, networking opportunities, cross-disciplinary training and collaboration, and international conferences and meeting (

Applicants will be considered until the positions are filled.

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Prof. Dr. Anja Schneider

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Payment, social benefits

Employment, payment and social benefits are consistent with those at other research institutes

Application deadline

June 30th, 2022

The DZNE is an equal opportunity employer. It is committed to employing disabled individuals and especially encourages them to apply. We would like to point out that as an employee (m/f/x) of the DZNE Bonn, you are subject to facility-related compulsory vaccination against the COVID-19 virus (according to § 20a of the Infection Protection Act).