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Master student thesis (f/m/x) Neurobiology


Master student thesis (f/m/x) Neurobiology

Code: 1308/2024/4

We are offering research projects for MSc students in Neuroscience, Molecular and Cell Biology or similar. Our laboratory is situated in the Department of Translational Dementia Research at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) Bonn.

We are investigating the molecular mechanisms of neuronal communication via Extracellular Vesicles (EV). EV are small, lipid‐enclosed vesicles that are secreted by all cells and often contain small RNA, like microRNA, proteins and important signaling factors. Previously thought to be cellular waste, EV have now emerged as essential mediators of communication between cells, tissues and even organisms, via the transfer of their cargo. In the brain, EV are thought to contribute to the spreading of toxic proteins such as alpha-synuclein and Tau in neurodegenerative diseases. Recent evidence also suggests that neuron-secreted EV regulate synapse formation and neuronal circuit connectivity. 

Your role in detail

We are using a combination of molecular biology techniques including CRISPR/Cas screening, small RNA profiling and advanced microscopy approaches. You could support us in one of the following projects:


  • The molecular mechanisms of microRNA sorting in neuronal EV
  • The transmission of EV across synapses and neuronal microcircuits
  • How protein and RNA EV cargo is taken up by recipient neurons

Your qualifications

You have the enthusiasm, curiosity and motivation to join our team and contribute to an upcoming field in Neurobiology.

If you are interested in working on any of these exciting projects in a friendly and motivating environment, we look forward to receiving your application. This application should include a with your current CV and other relevant documents.

if you have any questions in advance, please (Principal Investigator).

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Prof. Dr. Anja Schneider

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The DZNE is an equal opportunity employer. It is committed to employing disabled individuals and especially encourages them to apply