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Declaration of consent, and data privacy information

I hereby agree to allow the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), Sigmund-Freud-Straße 27, 53127 Bonn, to electronically collect, process and use my personal data for the purpose of processing my application. My consent expressly also applies to any data included in my application materials that could provide information relative to my race or ethnic background, my sex, my religion or world view, my health or disability, my age, or my gender identity (such as my name, or data relative to my skin color, to my use of a head covering or to my wearing of glasses). I understand that my data will be treated in strict confidence and will be encrypted for electronic transmission.

I further understand that the sole criteria applied in the selection process are aptitude, qualifications and professional performance. I explicitly, and voluntarily, make available to the DZNE any data and information about me, in my application materials, that are not needed for assessment in light of these criteria. I further understand that my application materials will not be provided to any third parties.

I further understand that my application materials will be completely deleted six months after the application process has concluded, if my application has been rejected.

I further understand that I may revoke this declaration of consent at any time, by giving notice to the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), Data Protection Office (Stabsstelle Datenschutz), Sigmund-Freud-Straße 27, 53127 Bonn, in writing, and using the heading "Online application" (Online-Bewerbung). I further understand that my data will be deleted without delay if I revoke this declaration of consent.

I provide this declaration of consent voluntarily, and I understand that it will have no effect on my chances in the application process. I understand that I may refuse to provide this declaration of consent, without giving reasons, and that I will not incur any disadvantages as a result. Furthermore, I understand that, as an alternative, I can mail my application (via conventional mail) to the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), Human Resources Department (Personal und Organisation), Sigmund-Freud-Straße 27, 53127 Bonn.