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PhD student (f/m/x)

Code: 1310/2024/4

The group of Dr. Daniele Bano studies metabolic pathways contributing to neurodegenerative diseases. One line of research investigates molecular mechanisms that promote longevity and healthspan (Piazzesi A. et al, 2022; Jackson J. et al, 2022; Gioran A. et al, 2019; Piazzesi A. et al, 2016; Gioran A. et al, 2014). In the context of primary mitochondrial diseases, the laboratory aims to identify compensatory pathways that can ameliorate metabolic defects linked to inherited genetic lesions of the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation system (unpublished data; Wischhof L. et al, 2022; Bertan F. et al, 2021; Wischhof L. et al, 2018; Troulinaki K. et al, 2018; Meyer K. et al, 2015).

Your role in detail

The team is searching for a highly motivated and science-driven PhD student to investigate the impact of proteasome inhibition on mitochondrial homeostasis. Using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, the newly recruited team member will model pathogenic processes associated with proteasome variants previously identified in patients with rare forms of neurodevelopmental proteasomopathies. Experimental evidence in invertebrate will be further corroborated in patient-derived iPSC models, from which neuronal and glial cultures will be generated. The project is part of a newly established collaboration with the teams of Prof. Alexander Bartelt (LMU, München) and Prof. Elke Krüger (Universität Greifswald).

Your qualifications

We are searching for a doctoral candidate with a recent Master degree (or equivalent) and a background in experimental Life Science disciplines. The successful candidate has good communication skills, is a team player and has the commitment to comply with deadlines that are essential for the success of the study. Of note, the newly recruited PhD candidate will be part of a scientific consortium focusing on mitochondria.

We offer

  • An interesting and challenging task in a research center that works on the future topics of health research
  • An international environment characterized by a strong focus on science and research
  • Targeted personnel development
  • A position, initially temporary limited to 2 years
  • Employment, payment and social benefits are consistent with those at other research institutes


Apply now



Contact details

Dr. Daniele Bano

Working hours


Contract length

2 years, extension possible

Payment, social benefits

consistent with those at other research institutes

Application deadline

June 30th, 2024

You will obtain special skills and knowledge for your scientific qualification during your activities at DZNE. Our Institute is an equal opportunity employer. It is committed to employing disabled individuals and especially encourages them to apply.